vendredi 17 mars 2006

Greenless pinch

Happy (late) St. Patrick's day! I'm not Irish but I celebrate it just the same; however, Lissa is, so she makes it a bit more fun. I was telling a friend that you get to pinch people if they don't wear green on this day and she was surprised. Apparently, it's a tradition she has never heard of before. I don't know if it really is a tradition but when you go through thirteen years of public school and really painful pinches, you tend to remember these things. By default, I wore lots of green today to escape "le pinch" (à la Amélie) only to find out I wouldn't have been regardless. I thought it was a common practice everywhere, but I was proved wrong today. Good thing I didn't just go up to people and pinch them :)

Update: I talked to more Montrealers today and none of them have heard of this pinching thing. One of them remarked, "I saw that on the Simpsons once so it must be true somewhere." Haha yes, outside of Quebec it is.

P.S. Blog history has just been made on here - I have had comments on fourteen consecutive posts, something that has never happened before. Not that it's a matter of great concern but it's made my day!

P.P.S. Check this out. Chad manages to be in Montreal for only a few days and ends up on the CTV website for Canadian Idol news!

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