lundi 27 mars 2006

Gracious living

Irene has written a piece about how "Chinese culture teaches you nothing about grace" and from my personal experience, I can see how it is true. I have had such a hard time explaining this concept to my parents and what makes it difficult is that they see it as a silly idea.

"Why would anyone do something for nothing?" is a common expression I've heard growing up and I've always been taught that I need to repay every kindness I experience in life. As I have been pursuing missions work, I know there are going to be times where I will need to rely on the grace of others. But at the same time, I know that it is unsettling to my parents that there are people not related to me who would want to support me.

The most heart-breaking part is that when I talk about how I am saved by the grace of Jesus Christ and not by the works I perform, it is completely alien to my family. Despite this, I have been convicted that the more I show grace to my own parents, the more they will start to understand it. So I suppose I have to keep working on that then, only with the grace of God of course :)

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