vendredi 10 mars 2006

Beware the rains of March

It's beginning to feel like Vancouver. I don't usually mind rain but that's because it often comes and goes in Calgary (have I mentioned the awesome sporadic weather?). The only exception would have to be the Southern Alberta floods that occurred last summer and that was quite a disaster. However, rain on a continual basis just makes me feel so weary and drained. It has been raining and raining for the last few days in Montreal, so it's been hard to do things around the city. I walked on St. Catherine street today for a little while and when I got inside, I saw that my purse was completely drenched and that my jeans were sticking to me. I don't think I'd survive on the West Coast. It leads me to wonder if we grow accustomed to the weather of the city that we're used to and end up enjoying those weather patterns the most, or if we actually have weather personalities that remain separate from the city we're in (I hope this makes sense). I'm thankful that either way, God worked it out for me so that I don't have to endure rain too much :)

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