vendredi 27 janvier 2006


I expected to write a lot more about my experiences here in Montreal, but I haven't had much to say. It's nice that I've been here before so that I haven't had to go through any harsh culture shock, so it's been rather pleasant. I'm sure my classmates around the world have very adventurous and humourous stories to tell though :) Mostly, the only extreme thing that's happened to me has been taking the wrong Metro. Otherwise, I've adapted quite well to the unique culture and the people (I hope!).

The church that I'm working at is gorgeous and it's really cool just being there and helping wherever I can. My French family is très fantastique! I get to hear French every day and I have my times of practicing (aka butchering) the language. Right now, I'm attempting to do my distance ed course but it's so hard to have motivation when you'd much rather go to snow festivals or other fun things around town. I'm going to a concert tomorrow night and possibly a Chinese New Year celebration next week.

Speaking of Chinese New Year (hey, I've pulled a Harper!), I caught part of PMD Stephen Harper's speech on the radio yesterday and heard his public apology to Chinese Canadians. Wow, that is definitely something. It may be one of the few times I recall hearing someone in a position of authority acknowledging that the Chinese head tax was wrong. But of course, I hope I'm wrong and that others have brought this to light as well.

Hmm, the only other thing I have to mention is that I have now learned to jaywalk! My first initiation was in Boston, but now I can (almost) fully disregard traffic lights and walk across streets no matter where am I and probably to my peril. Yes, exciting stories lie ahead!

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