lundi 5 d├ęcembre 2005


I went to the mall today for a brief half-hour and lived to tell this sentence :) Thankfully, it wasn't too packed but still, the amount of people and things! I'm glad that I've had time these past few days to sing some Christmas songs/hymns and to take a break from the pressures of finding gifts. Today was only part 1. I still have so much to get done before school ends. But I'm becoming increasingly grateful for online shopping - it's too bad I didn't start that earlier!

And, just four days until Narnia! I have to make some time in the next few weeks to reread the books, which I haven't touched since elementary school. I was listening to a bit of Focus on the Family Radio and tonight's focus was on "Entering the world of Narnia through film". I found out that they also have a dramatic radio theatre presentation, which would be so cool to listen to, in addition to the movie.

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