mardi 8 novembre 2005

Paper all around

It's fun to be proven wrong sometimes. I'll admit I had serious doubts about Blue Like Jazz at first, but after I started reading it, I saw that it was pretty hard to feel antagonistic towards something that read like an autobiography. I will say that it was different than most books I've read and that I appreciated some aspects of it, but I probably wouldn't read it again. I even saw a live adaptation which was pretty funny so that redeemed the book somewhat :) All to say - the things that I approach with the most reservation can still surprise me, which is probably a pleasant thing in life.

Life is busy, but that's such a Canadian thing to say. (Foreign Guy has been making me think more about what I say and do as a Canadian now.) I'm busy putting plans together for my internship next semester and I have to say, there are so many applications and paperwork to fill out! I'm also putting together a prayer and support letter and trying to be creative and non-boredom-inducing. It's a tricky balance between doing that and being dry.

And for people wondering, I am hoping to go to school in Montreal eventually but there's this matter of whether my degree will qualify as an admissions requirement there, so my current plan is attending seminary in town. It would have been such fun to go to seminary in another country (England, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, States) but that won't work out. But since I have finally decided, this means mounds of more applications to complete, eek!

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