dimanche 13 novembre 2005

Finishing up

My college has just announced a tuition freeze for next year which is great, but I'll have graduated by then. I firmly believe that good school-related things almost always come when I am no longer around to enjoy them :)

So now that I think about it - just two months until I leave for Montreal! This means I have the following to complete before I go:
1. Thesis paper, once and for all
2. Practicum, which ends in just a few weeks
3. One modular course
4. A distance ed course I haven't touched since September
5. Workshop paper, stemming from January 2005

That should be about it, not to mention all the other non-academic things I need to start. I have until mid-December to do all this, so I pretty much know what I will be doing from now until then! This may help explain the sparseness already found on here, but I'm sure my fellow classmates will have more than enough on their blogs to provide hours (minutes?) of fun reading.

Side note: I feel so disconnected from people at school. I know it's because none of my classes are on-campus but it's such a strange feeling that I see work people more than school people. Actually, I see work people even more than my own family! Something needs to change here....

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