mercredi 30 novembre 2005

Every which direction

- I am so behind this year in that I have not even started Christmas shopping or writing Christmas cards (much less buying them in the first place). I may even have to forego cards this year, gasp!

- With the news that a federal election is underway, I think I get to participate in advanced voting or some other form of non-ordinary voting this year :) But it still leads me to ask, what is a snowbird according to the government of Canada?

- If you have a chance, please go to Light to Unite in support of World AIDS Day where every "candle" that is lit will help with proceeds to AIDS medication for those who need it most.

- Travis and Alexis are engaged! Such happy news!

- Upon finding out that extensions can be purchased for distance education, I realize that this knowledge could be very dangerous to my academic career.

- As I was on the road today, I saw a large truck run out of gas and get stuck on a highway ramp. Then I saw cars driving around it on the grass to at least get onto the main road. I later heard that a semi tried to do the same thing but got stuck in the process. That ramp and road were completely shut down after that! Oh winter driving.

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