lundi 10 octobre 2005

Special potpourri

Kyle has just let me know about the newly released Google Reader, which is similar to Bloglines but probably has more features to it. I currently use Bloglines and will likely switch to the Reader but if people don't syndicate their sites, I can't read those posts (hint, hint).

Anyways, happy Canadian Thanksgiving today! I've been doing homework these past few hours and I still have mounds left that will be due at the end of the week. After these assignments are done, I am finished one entire course! Even though module classes are intense, it's such a nice feeling to know that it only takes a few weeks to complete it rather than four months. I'm also working on my application for seminary, and it feels like high school all over again. I had forgotten how much schools ask about you, and how many references are needed in order for your application to be processed. I still say university was way easier to get into :)

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