mercredi 19 octobre 2005

Organized chaos

It's funny that while I'm paid to be organized at work, I usually don't show that too much in my own life. For example, my room is an absolute mess with papers and books everywhere. My floor usually has stuff tossed on it, and there are days I can barely see the surface of my desk. Yet at work, my desk is impeccably tidy and my files are pretty neat. I find it a challenge most days to keep on top of things administratively but people seem to believe that I'm able to do it. This role reversal is probably because there are days where I want to be allowed to be disorganized, otherwise I'd lose my sanity.

Random tidbits:
- I saw Ross Hull on the Weather Network today and it was like the Midnight Society/Edison High all over again! (Yay for Canadian childhood celebrities)
- Blogs for homework - I can picture this even for college students one day. Why not? I already have to keep a journal this year for my program requirements, which means I get to cut and paste with scissors and glue!
- After reviewing a bunch of church websites for work this week, I am reminded of Dean's Heal Your Church Web Site. I think the funniest website was a church that was advertising flu shots but their picture seemed to suggest that their target audience was needle users for other purposes (ahem). It was also the same website where the first menu item under "get help" was "illness or death".
- I just found out about onlyforward's tour and that they will be in Calgary this month! The catch? It's part of the Petra farewell tour and seeing as how I've only seen (not heard) their albums while cleaning out the student ministry offices, I'm not sure if I want to go for the whole night. So do I see them now or wait until I'll be in Montréal.. hmm.

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