lundi 17 octobre 2005

Flurry of activities

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of homework, work, and various errands. But I've survived the completion of one class, and I'm now ready to tackle the next five I have on my plate. One is causing me a lot of grief because I expected it to be relatively easy to finish up, but a mistake my prof has made means it is going to take me at least three times longer to fix things. Sigh.

I had a great birthday celebration this weekend though and bought some used books to add to my growing collection. I also watched one of the most exciting hockey games ever (Battle of Alberta) and I was able to see the strangest turn of events during that power play in the third period. It's funny how fast weekends fly by, yet some weeks seem to stretch out for so long. I would venture to say there is some universal axiom that the things you enjoy doing the most have the shortest duration and the things you don't have the longest. Actually, that's much too pessimistic - perhaps it's more about what I need to do to change this myself :)

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