vendredi 16 septembre 2005

Temporary break

My current lax attitude.

But the incredibly good news is that I don't have exams at all this year :)

Because I'm not actually in classes until the end of the month, I've been treating this time as an extended summer. Of course, my summers are always packed with work and various responsibilities, which is exactly what I'm going through now. This is the only day I have off in my week and rather than lazing about doing nothing, I need to do my distance ed course. This explains why my recaps of my days aren't terribly exciting. Another reason might be that I have to journal as a requirement for my program, and by the time I get online - all inspiration has left me.

However, I am going to the Calgary International Film Festival next week and watching my friends and coworkers star / produce / etc. in a movie being played there. I'm also getting together with my missions trip friends and helping coach this year's missions leaders at the college. I'm excited about being in a supporting role, and the people who are missions leaders are already my close friends. What a dream job!

Even if my time is sparse, I have to admit that I love what I'm involved in this semester. And that is such a blessing.

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