mercredi 21 septembre 2005

Last minute shows

Hey, October is Pastor Appreciation month! That's such a neat idea, and I think extremely needed after September hits. Things can get insane during the start of ministry season, wow! Although it's great that events and activities are starting up again after the summer, I worry that pastors can get burned out. It's incredible the amount of work that needs to be done, and I've seen a couple of people at church getting worn out and sick already.

And myself, I'm pretty behind in some readings for two of my classes but I hope that after this month, I will have more time to schedule things better. This month has just been so unusual that I don't think I could give a fair time estimate to anything. It's also been filled with surprises, some of which have been really pleasant. I was able to go to a theatre production tonight and it's nice that in the midst of everything, sometimes an opportunity pops up that just needs to be grabbed. In this case, I didn't have an option because tonight would have been the only show I could have caught :)

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