mardi 6 septembre 2005

Impenderus semesterus

So earlier in my posts when I semi-boasted about my unstructured semester, I didn't realize that I was actually setting myself up for disaster. I think I've taken on too much at this point, and I keep getting bombarded with more things to do. I've been meaning to read this book that people have recommended to me, but I've yet to carve out the time to do that. I think when others hear that I'm only in class for a few weeks this semester, they assume that I have the rest of the time off (which I did for a while as well). If only that were true :) Instead, I'll be spending the rest of the time working and reading, neither of which I'm complaining about, but they are definitely time-consuming.

I've learned to say no to two things already, but still they come! If I'm going to survive the next few months, I'm going to have to stop giving in to so many requests. One of my friends had a quote that she lived by which said, "I don't have to do everything that I'm capable of," something I need to learn as well. Well, now that school and work are in session, I'll have to see how God helps me to manage it all one day at a time. That might be what He's teaching me right now..

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