dimanche 21 août 2005

Spaghetti thoughts

I am about halfway through my paper, hooray! And I have the rest of today to get it finished before I submit my rough draft tomorrow. Even though it looks extremely daunting, I keep telling myself it's possible. Maybe it would be more possible if I got off the internet though :)

I just heard from some friends in Montréal, and knowing that I'll be back in school pretty soon means that I'm closer to seeing them all again. I'm hoping that I'll get to spend more time this semester learning French though. It is cool to think that I am able to understand more today than I did a year ago, especially since I can now watch French TV without feeling too miserable about my lack of understanding. It's amazing how much a language can leave you if you don't work on it. I've retained some vocabulary but grammar is pretty much out the door. I hope I don't lose my other languages when I live in Montréal next year.

And on a disconnected thought, I don't think I could stand it if I went to a church that used The Message as the Bible. Sure, it can be a good paraphrase of the Bible, but it is not the Bible. Some interesting thoughts have been brought up about this, so it looks like others out there are challenging its use. I have a New Testament copy which I got for $2, but I have never used it in devotional reading. I think I used it a couple of times when I worked with youth, trying to find an easier way to communicate certain thoughts, but I would find it hard to use on a continual basis. I'm glad it's there as a tool but I have hesitations about making it widespread within churches. Thoughts?

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