lundi 29 août 2005


Since my friend was visiting from Montréal, my friends and I were able to do a lot of fun things this weekend. We ended up going downtown for Globalfest and caught a couple of cultural pavilions, street bazaars, and even a film festival. It was crowded but there were a ton of activities that we could take part in. The most random thing that happened these last few days had to be when we left a restaurant and saw a Bollywood film shooting in progress. It was pretty neat seeing people do things I'd only read or heard about, like measuring the distance of an object from the camera and other various things.

Wow, there were so many highlights this past week, from one road trip to the next. And now, it is back to work and all-day meetings to kick that off, wooh! People seem to be starting school, but I feel like it won't be starting for a while. At this point, I think I actually want to get back to classes as strange as that is :)

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