mardi 16 août 2005

Nonexistent change

1. The weather has been dreary and October-like.
2. I fell a few weeks ago and now my ribs/internal organs really hurt.
3. Sneezing fits while sleeping are better than insomnia.
4. Certain music needs to be banned from work.
5. Complaining must end..
6. Not drinking coffee is such a liberating thing!
7. I yearn to explore Europe - my atlas is getting a little worn.
8. These lists are a great way of getting thoughts out.
9. Five weeks until I'm back in an almost-classroom setting.
10. Currently looking for some used bookstores in town.
11. On top of thesis reading, I now have work reading!
12. If only there were more hours in the day, and less while trying to fall asleep.

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