mardi 2 août 2005

My present plight

Today's PhD
Thankfully, my advisor/prof is not as intimidating although I did have a meeting where I showed up with nothing :) My problem at this point is probably not the lack of research but rather too much! Is that even considered a bad thing? I've picked an interesting topic but everywhere I turn, I find more sources that I want to use. At this point, I have 22 articles, 24 internet files, and 38 books. I tell you, if you ever need me to help you find information for a paper, I have no problem doing that. Ahh, maybe that's why I work in a library. So now I just need to somehow put my thoughts together and get a paper going, eek!

News of the day:
- Plane crash at Pearson International Airport: a miracle that everyone survived, praise God
- Citytv taking over A-Channel: not quite as substantial a news item but now the 'A' is gone
- 80s night on Canadian Idol: just to round it out; fun show and I thought Melissa did a great job finishing it up

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