vendredi 8 juillet 2005

Stampede spirit

The Calgary Stampede kicked off officially today, and unofficially last night. I found out yesterday on a billboard that there's double the fireworks this year, most likely because of Alberta's birthday. It seemed like it was triple the fireworks last night because I got to see them at three different times, so it's sure to be a spectacular show each night.

I think I've been going every year since I was born, except for once or twice because of the chicken pox, but I still haven't been to events like the rodeo, chuckwagons or Grandstand show. This may be the year when I finally get to see the things that tourists come for. Makes me wonder what it is I do every year at the Stampede if I don't go to those events :) Oh yeah, the rides and the food - mmm just a few days or so until I can have those corn dogs and mini donuts and everything else.

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