mardi 12 juillet 2005

All work and no school

Although my summer job is not what I had originally expected, it seems to get better everyday. I'm currently working at my church as an assistant, which sounds so vague but I can't think of what else to call myself. So these past weeks, I've been learning the ropes and getting myself oriented with all of the processes that take place. This means that getting started on my research is incredibly difficult! I'm going to be in so much trouble - I think my advisor is going to come down on me for not having begun yet!

I spent some time with one of my friends earlier today, and something we're both learning right now is waiting upon God. There's this quote that we both have in mind which goes along the lines of: "If I had known how good it was going to be, I would have trusted God more." That is such a difficult concept but we're intent on following what God has planned for us, even if it means we're uncertain of what's to come. I feel like I am in such a transition time, without any clue of what's going on. However, in the midst of this confusion, I have decided on which seminary to attend. That's practically a no-brainer because my city only has one :) At least I have some destination, which will motivate me to complete this year well. Or I hope to, since I seem to get graduitis.*

*The strange disorder which manifests itself in the last semester of the last remaining year of a school program where grades are not at the expected level and academic interests fall drastically. This has been evidenced in my life twice: 1) Last semester of grade twelve, I received my first B in high school in calculus class because I no longer paid attention and since I graduated already (and really, when that happens it doesn't matter what you do). 2) This past semester at college (because it was my last time in a classroom setting), I received three A minuses which has not happened since my first semester in college. Qu'une horreur! Whatever, I'm a geek that notices things like this ;)

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