vendredi 24 juin 2005

Vacation photos

Blogger now has picture posting! Now that I don't have to use Hello to upload pictures, it's going to be much easier to post them on here. The only drawback so far is that I have to deal with spacing issues in both Explorer and Firefox. Eh, minor details.

So here are a couple of shots from my trip a few weeks ago. This must have been the state slogan of Massachusetts. I ended up seeing this billboard everywhere, which made me wonder if the residents found it funny. You couldn't escape that phrase!

And this was a funny sign (recycling one) I saw on the subway doors. I actually sat there and analyzed its meaning, in the active and passive voice. Neither made any sense as to why it would need to be stated on the doors. Probably part of the Boston charm.

I saw this on the Harvard campus. I think it was a church that was either still a church or now a meeting hall. I saw it when I was randomly getting lost on the school grounds in the rain.

Hmm, a little anecdote from while I was strolling through Harvard University. For some reason, the Harvard students that I saw all felt the need to wear Harvard-insignia clothes. Kind of a way to show that they really do go to the school. But... anybody can buy Harvard clothes - they sell them everywhere! Even tiny clothing booths meant to attract tourists sell knockoff versions. Did you know that each dorm house has their own Harvard colour combinations? That's right, you can identify people by the house they live in! Oy, I am having too much fun with this.

This was the subway station that I got off at to attend church. And surprise, that church was called Park Street Church, which I later found out was on the Freedom Trail. Someone I know goes to that church and recommended it to me, so I had no idea it was a tourist attraction. Anyways, this station goes right into the Boston Common, Downtown and the Public Gardens.

Ah ha! The famous Public Gardens, famous because it was the first. And this here is somebody on a horse. I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention to the monuments in the Gardens. There were a lot and almost all of people I haven't heard of. Still very nice, much like being in an outdoors Devonian Gardens.

This is apparently Senator John Kerry's house in Louisburg Square in Beacon Hill. There were several other tourists taking pictures of it as well, so I figured I was in the right place (although I still have my doubts because there were two houses with American flags). Ha, I can now say that I was standing in front of the house of a presidential candidate. Now I just need a picture of Stephen Harper's house to finish the collection.

I suppose the funny thing is that most people I've showed this picture to have asked, "Who's John Kerry?" As of yet, only Mara has had the reaction I expected. Kind of like a "Talking to Canadians" thing.

More pictures to come...

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