mardi 28 juin 2005

Short term memory

Apparently, this little hiccup of space in my layout is being caused by Blogger Images. There is a proposed solution but it doesn't seem to be working on mine, maybe it will on yours if you have the same problem.

So, Bill C-38 was passed today (same sex marriage). Or by pass, had a reading in the House of Commons and was voted upon by the MPs - oh boy, I fear I've lost all of my Social Studies knowledge now. I'm wondering why the Prime Minister felt that this could not wait until the fall session, but instead had to be rushed for the summer. I guess issues like this take precedence over... I don't know, everything else. I'll have to wait to hear what the government will say about protecting religious rights.

Calgary's in for the third flood watch of the month. I suppose we're all getting weary of rain now. And I finally saw the flooding pictures that Laura was talking about from China. Water's probably not feeling too popular at this point.

I listened to a sermon last night that was from the beginning of this year. The speaker was talking about the tsunami that happened half a year ago now. I'll be honest; I haven't thought about that in a long time. I hope the restoration of those countries and recovery of their people are going well, since I haven't heard about it lately on the news.

Onto less important news, I am going to rent some movies and put my brain on hold this week. I decided a while ago that I never wanted to go to a theatre again, so there should be a nice backlog of movies that are actually worth watching. I will also have to start my research this weekend, and go through the twenty books I have (for starters) but I still have a few days left.

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