mardi 7 juin 2005

Running on 3 hours

That's all the sleep I've had from last night (didn't get back from Québec City until past midnight) and on the flight today. I'm really tired but here's a quick snapshot of what I ended up doing and/or seeing in Boston, Montréal and Québec City.

- Elaborate looking bath houses
- Experienced Papa Gino's, D'Angelo Subs, Boston Market, Finagle A Bagel
- Crazy subway system and bus fares
- Attended Park Street Church
- Saw Boston Common, Public Gardens, empty Frog Pond, State House
- Read a little Théologie Evangélique and saw other French periodicals at the Theological Library
- Whilst reading the Harvard University Gazette, noticed that one of my classmates from high school won an award
- Survived a "Nor'easter" (oooh)
- Explored Beacon Hill, Back Bay, almost all of downtown
- Lots of Catholic television on basic cable
- Took pictures of Church of the Covenant
- First time in the States on Memorial Day
- Rainy weather practically every day

- Got to see friends again!
- Went to same Pizza Hut from the last trip
- Convergence of people from Alberta, North Carolina, New Jersey, Florida, California, Louisiana, and of course, Québec
- Week of French toast, French salad dressing, French fries in poutine, and a French manicure
- Helped clean youth centre for wedding and put up decorations
- Attended Heartquake, a city-wide bilingual youth worship event
- Gorgeous wedding, wonderful reception (emo!) and a fun dance (Quatro!)
- Had authentic French-Canadian crepes, I was so spoiled!
- Went to church, probably the one that I'll attend next year
- Met with everyone from the last trip, prayer times and pictures
- Hot weather - at least 35 degrees Celsius the whole time!

Québec City
- Rest stop at Drummondville
- Stayed at Auberge Internationale du Québec, the five of us had our own suite
- Familiar sights of the city sans le neige
- Crepes once again at Casse-Crepe Breton
- Heavy rain, running up the really steep hills and killing my knees
- Ate at St. Hubert - stuffed to capacity!
- Mini concert at Chateau de Frontenac
- Sad goodbyes with everyone, cool lightning storms

And now, I will have to wait another six months until I'm back in Montréal. It's going to be hard to wait that long! I dropped off my film today, so I'm anxious to get them back :)

[Listening to: Transatlanticism - Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism (7:55)]

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