dimanche 12 juin 2005

Realistically speaking

Since I got back from Montreal, I've been immersing myself in French TV, radio, music, movies, sermons, and old class notes to help me retain what little of the language I know. I was talking with my best friend today and I realized how much I missed the city (judging by how much I spoke about it!). And even in church tonight, I kept thinking about the French church that I usually attend in Montreal. It's hard knowing that I'll be leaving everyone here but I have much anticipation about what God will do in my life there.

One of the hardest things about it though is going to be eventually finding a job that doesn't require fluency in French. Pretty much every single job that deals with people requires French. It's going to have to be a God-thing that I will manage to find something in the end. I'm thankful that I have the chance to go over there at first as a student but after that stint is over, if I want to stay I will need a career. Maybe I'll miraculously pick up the language before I need to worry about this; one could always hope!

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