mercredi 29 juin 2005

Part deux

This is touted as the "most photographed street in America". I just ended up adding to that statistic, didn't I. It's called Acorn Street, also in Beacon Hill. Quaint, with the expected American flag.

And here is the church that I went to, Park Street Church. I'd have to say that it was very American-looking on the inside. You know, how in the movies they usually show churches with a second level and an organ on the side, and the people sitting there with fans and hats. Okay, I didn't see fans and hats, but I still felt transported to another world.

This is the Old State House. I'm assuming they outgrew it, hence the name. And since I'm not a historian, I really don't have more to say about this landmark :)

I got to see this colourful church that looks like it was turned into a transit station while I was in Back Bay. It was during one of the only nice days in Boston and I even got a bit of a tan walking around that day. Of all the days to forget sunscreen!

This was a mural painted on the side of a building on Newbury Street. It reminded me of some of the paintings that I saw in Québec City, so I took a picture of this one, although it's not quite as complete.

A completely unexpected stop, but this was one of the fun things about my trip - to randomly go in and out of places without a schedule. I wandered into Church of the Covenant to look at the beautiful Tiffany stained glass, and it ended up being a field trip for what I learned in History of Christianity class. This is a picture of the Four Women of the Bible Representing the Spirit of Christianity, with Miriam to represent joy, Deborah for courage, Mary of Bethany for devotion and Dorcas for charity. You can also see the sanctuary lantern, which refers to the angels of the seven Christian churches in Revelation.

And here is a closeup of one of the stained glass windows, the Road to Emmaus or Hospitality window. The details on everything was just exquisite. Seeing these whetted my appetite to learn more about Christian art and iconography. Good thing my theology prof always includes a bunch of the classical paintings in each of his lectures :)

Heh heh, I know it's sad that this is one of my favourite pictures from Boston, but it's downright hilarious! I've never seen a city toilet before, surely that is some momentous occasion. Funny thing is that there was a nice building across the street from this, which other tourists were taking pictures of, and here I was aiming my camera at the city toilet! My friend pointed out how awkward it would be to be on the pay phone, knowing there's someone using the toilet at the same time.

I didn't actually go shopping at the Quincy Market or the Faneuil Hall Marketplace since it was so crowded the day I went (Memorial Day Weekend). I only went because I heard it resembled Athenian architecture, and that seemed interesting. I also had my first Dunkin' Donuts there, only to find out that it's not just an American thing because Montréal has it too!

My last Boston picture. Grabbed it in the rain quickly after church let out. This is the State House, upgraded from the Old State House. It has a yellow dome, which makes it stick out. It kind of reminded me of some building in Calgary that has a shiny metallic dome. And there you go, my two week vacation in Boston this year.

I'll post my Montréal and Québec City pictures at a later time.

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