jeudi 9 juin 2005

Language learning

I've taken French in school before and have done alright, but the language has never really "stuck" to me. So now I have six months to (re)learn it and to reach the level of being able to understand spoken French. I am going to try and make sure I listen to at least half an hour of French everyday, so that I can get used to the accent and the vocabulary. Sentence structure will have to come later. There is a French radio station that mostly broadcasts the news, and there are four French channels on cable. I listened to a sermon last night on the internet that my friend preached and I was able to understand a bit more than I probably would have my first time in Montreal a few months ago. Progress!

I'm wondering what the best ways to learn a language are, if it's mostly through books, media or interaction with people. It might be a mix for me. At least I have a measurable goal at this point, and a lot more motivation. Français, here I come!

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