samedi 18 juin 2005

Firsthand flood experience

I've experienced a mini-flood once before in my basement that was due to a city problem, something about pipes and tree roots being in the way. It happened when I was in junior high, so the details are quite fuzzy.

However, today was anything but that! Around 3am last night, there was so much rain that our city water levels rapidly rose once again. Lissa's basement ended up flooding when one of the pumps had such a backlog of water that it simply broke down. Lissa is in one of the higher parts of Calgary, away from the Elbow River and Fish Creek, so it was a shock to hear that she had become a victim of all this rain. I can't recall when it was this bad, what with a state of emergency now being declared on the city.

I spent the majority of today moving soaked things from the basement upstairs and vacuuming up water from the completely drenched carpet. There is still a ton of water in the carpet even after we vacuumed for hours, dumping numerous buckets of brown liquid that came up. Prayers would be extremely appreciated for Lissa right now. She has to spend the rest of this week worrying about a possible re-flooding in her basement.

We're hoping that the rain will stop soon in Calgary, but it's being forecast for four more days this next week. I always took it for granted that we never had to deal with too many natural disasters, such as earthquakes or tornados. I thought we were relatively safe from floods as well, but I see that it is no longer the case. Much worse has happened in places like High River, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge, and it's terrible how many people are having to deal with damage to their houses, property and possessions. Please keep the city and the province in your prayers; it's already too wet!

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