jeudi 12 mai 2005

Ocean to ocean

This must be the year of oceans for me. Having rarely travelled when I was younger, the closest I ever got to seeing the ocean was behind a fence in California that warned of rattlesnakes in the area. To think that I was in LA and I never went to the beach! I did see it from far off when I went to Vancouver earlier this year though. Combining those two times could somewhat add up to a Pacific Ocean experience. And now I'll be going to Boston, where I hope I get a chance to see the Atlantic Ocean! I guess this gives away how much of a prairie dweller I am :)

Right now, I'm trying to find some churches in the MA area. I'm finding the Willow Creek Find-A-Church site pretty helpful, but something I have never understood is the way cities/counties are divided up. The fact that you can be in two different named cities within a ten-mile radius of each other boggles my mind. This came up repeatedly when I was in Los Angeles and Montréal, and it's still something I don't comprehend. Anyways, I've narrowed it down to two churches which are close to each other but in different cities.

So my back's in cahoots, my computer sounds like it has gone through the "Funky Broadway Hitchhike Hully-Gully" dance, and I have yet to pack. Major blessing though: One of my friends was able to help me find accommodation in Montréal, and I'll be staying with a friend that I made when I went in February! I'll probably never travel this much again, but I'm sure glad I get to now. I just can't believe how much I have to do before I go!

On a different topic, who ever said that convocation couldn't be fun? I saw on the news today that the U of C has awarded an honorary degree to its first canine. Sounds like he deserves it!

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