jeudi 14 avril 2005

Meandering of sorts

Oy! It's been quite the week for me lately. I'm currently "living" in my basement while some recently discovered, moldy wood is getting discarded upstairs. This means that all of my books and notes are everywhere in plastic bags. Did I mention this is the last week of school and on top of that, I have papers I have yet to write? And with this being the last week, I have five finals to write in the next few days. As well, my car has decided not to cooperate with me and is now resting (not in peace for too long) rendering me transit-reliant. Other unnecessary things have also come up at around the same time, but I think three complaints are enough to write about :)

Onto the positive now: summer plans may possibly be changing for me. I got to experience one of those "direct intervention from God" moments yesterday, which was the strangest (but neatest) answer to prayer that I've seen. All I can say is that I know for sure God's in control of whatever goes on after the semester ends. Also, because I've been forced to pack most of my things, I finally have the opportunity to go about that simple lifestyle I wrote about. The ironic thing is that I'm going to need to buy a shredder. Since I wrote that post, I've been thinking about all of my purchases with even more hesitation. If it's not something I will want when I'm 40 years old, I don't need it. But maybe a shredder will be a good investment, keeping in mind that I have kept artwork and papers from kindergarten.

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