jeudi 21 avril 2005

It's been a very long time

Ok, so I have not posted on this site for a few months, but I do have an excuse. I have been extremely busy with my emergency medical technician - ambulance course and working 40 hrs a week that I really have not had time to have a life for the past 10 months. :)

As Neely posted I lost my grampie just over two weeks ago. This is the first time I have really lost someone close to me. It is really hard. Just when I think that I have gone over the hurdle something sticks out and reminds me about him. For instance the first time we went to church it was really strange not to have him there. But the thing that always brings a smile to me is the great memories I have and the fact I know he has gone to heaven. One thing that I always remember is his love of 100 Huntley St. Thank you for letting me just put something out there that is tangable. May God Bless You.