mardi 19 avril 2005

Delayed adulthood

I got home early from my final this morning so I was reading a few articles and checking my email, when I found this piece on The Generation That Won't Grow Up. It's interesting because I can somewhat see myself in that picture. The thought of getting married, having kids, owning a home, and having a career seems like eons away from where I'm at right now, yet I'm almost done college and a lot of my friends are actually at that point. I think I'm even delaying "growing up" even further by going to university after I get my degree, prolonging my status as a student. I hate to think that I'm conforming to the expectations that have now been set for my so-called generation, but I wonder why it is that we're (I'm) so reluctant to accept the responsibilities that will come, regardless of whether I'm ready or not. Maybe I've been a student for so long that it's the only thing I'm comfortable in and actually good at. If I add university and seminary to my list, that means I'll be in school for 22 years of my life! Would being a career student qualify as a vocation?

Well, I'm going to take a nap since I've barely slept the last few days studying for my finals. Then I'll write my last paper of the semester and study for Greek! At least in the 22 years of school I'll have been in, Greek has only had to take up one of them - I think that's enough.

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