vendredi 22 avril 2005

Banquets galore

Well I'm finished all of my exams and papers for this semester! Now I'm getting ready for my summer course. I know that every year I pledge to never ever take a spring class again, but I save a tiny bit on tuition every time I do. It does means that I definitely do not have to take a spring class after graduation next year though.

I attended my church's celebration dinner last night, and it was such a fun experience! We don't get to do church-wide activities that often simply because we're so large but when we do, it's a blast meeting new people. I remember about four years ago when we rented out the Stampede Corral to have a Jubilee service (squeezing five weekend services into one) and it was so packed! This time around, we're having six dinner nights, with about five hundred people attending each one.

And tonight, it's the graduation banquet for my school. A lot of my friends are leaving this year, and going onto exciting ministry opportunities. Because I won't be on campus for my last year of college, it feels like this is my last year even though it's not. Every time someone asks me if I'm graduating this year, I have to explain how it is my last year at school but not technically. Anyways, it'll be a great graduation weekend. No freak snowstorms I'm hoping. And then life will continue on as usual.

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