jeudi 24 mars 2005

How convenient...

My friend is right - I never realized how some people do not enjoy getting those tedious "update on my missions trip" emails every few weeks or so. I've been sending out actual mail, but that takes forever for me because I'm such a procrastinator. And I never know if people read them or toss them. Same thing for email; more than likely it ends up being in the wrong folder or deleted. So, I'm going to follow her footsteps and update this thing when I'll be going away for my cross-cultural practicum next year. It's far off but I can talk about how my plans are coming together. And whoever's interested can read about it :)

Anyways, back to the friend. Her name is Laura and she emailed me her site address today. I'm getting even more excited about her upcoming journey just reading her posts! A couple of people I know are going to China for a year and teaching English at a school there. It'll be such a blast reading about how they're learning Mandarin and having fun with the kids. I considered it at one point last year when there was a presentation in February or something, but the timing wouldn't have worked with my program. Regardless, I'll be praying for my friends and keeping in contact with them as best I can.

Speaking of my program, I'll be pre-registering for courses next week! I'm set to graduate next year, and my load will be much lighter compared to previous years. The only problem is there's a lot of rearranging I have to do because of how I've taken so many classes already. I never realized getting a head start could cause issues later on, but I should count my blessings and thank the Lord that I won't be stressed beyond belief for my last year.

So, onto Greek homework now. Just four more weeks.

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