jeudi 17 février 2005

"Waiting it out"

Michelle has written an awesome post somewhat in response to what I wrote the other day. I can relate to a lot of what she has shared, because it's pretty typical of a Bible college/seminary environment. There seems to be the heightened hope that people have when they enter a Christian school that their significant other could potentially be there as well. And when it might not happen, there's probably a sense of disappointment that their plans did not go through.

One of the questions that Michelle asks is, "Do Christians have it harder or easier waiting it out hoping for the right relationship?" I think it's harder because of the greater anticipation and longing for something that exceeds the expectations of this world. At the same time though, it's easier because of our trust in a God who does not withhold good things from us. All to say, if this waiting process for marriage does not teach us more about patience, one wonders what would!

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