jeudi 10 février 2005

Approaching final destination

Blogger comments have apparently changed, so I might try them out for a while - when I get the chance to update the template.

The reason I've been busy is that I'm heading off on a missions trip at the end of the month. February has mostly consisted of preparation work and getting all the details sorted out, with a good mixture of stress and joy. I've had an incredible time hanging out with my team members and getting to know them better through all the fun things we've done. We were able to practise our worship set this week, and it was such a blast praising God in another language. And amidst all these wonderful blessings, I'm trying to get ahead in my schoolwork since I have a lot of midterms and assignments due when I get back.

You can also tell Reading Break is coming, because a lot of the students are getting crazy. Some of my friends are taking power naps every spare second they get, others are sick, and then there are those like myself who can no longer utter a sentence correctly. I keep having to correct my words because I say them wrong or mix them up, and I can't seem to stop. I just hope I don't do that on my missions trip in another language!

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