samedi 8 janvier 2005

That's a wrap

Please add more recommendations and questions for the post below; I look forward to seeing them :)

I'm heading out to a little get-together soon, but I haven't really written anything about what I've done over the Christmas break. Actually, it's hard to remember at this point! So here is how productive I have been:

- Rented movies the moment finals were over
- Last minute self-Christmas shopping
- Bus adventures around town with the nicest drivers
- The largest Christmas Day meal I've ever had
- Avoided any venues with crazy consumers
- Girly meals at Earl's
- Visualization about living simply and 'war-like'
- Utter failure in carrying it out
- Randomly and inadvertently running into people
- Catching up with friends from high school
- Lots of crocheting
- Getting textbooks earlier/cheaper and attempting to finish them
- Getting a comforter for under $20
- Too much MuchMoreMusic for my own good
- Constant insomnia night after night
- Trying to cure my insatiable desire for books
- Watching lots of Radio-Canada and dubbed films
- Getting some sort of 24 hr illness
- Back on a Bible reading plan and journalling once again
- Mocking resolutions, getting fed with CBC satire
- Excited about school starting up, especially my seminary class!

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