vendredi 31 d├ęcembre 2004

Southeast Asian disaster

I have two friends who are currently teaching in Thailand. Here is an excerpt of their latest email which I received at the beginning of this week:

"About the 8.3 earthquake! Well it has effected Thailand... on the West side of the country. It has flooded Phukette and Krabi, as well as the islands on that side [with] 10 foot tidal waves.... Luckily the people that we know on that side of the country were all evacuated and are safe. There are supposedly dead bodies littered all over the beach [and] at least 1000 dead in Thailand. There are still thousands of people missing... so you can pray for all of those people! We are so blessed to not have been affected by it as of yet.... All of our teachers were glued to the TV watching for updates today. So continue to pray for people all over the world who are hurting!! There is a lot of need."

The latest count as of today was presumed at about 150 000 people, with 80 000 of that count from Indonesia alone. Donations can be made to World Vision and to Samaritan's Purse.

(Bene Diction has some very helpful links regarding the tsunami crisis.)

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