mercredi 1 d├ęcembre 2004

It's Christmas Time Again

I can't believe it is Christmas time already! Today signifies the beginning of one of the busiest months of shopping during the year. I know where I work, we make 40% of our total earnings for this year within the span of these 24 days. With that you also get impatient customers who are ready to snap at you at any point for no reason, but alongside those customers, you get ones who encourage you and display true kindness and love towards others.

I love this time of year not only because of the lights and decorations, the music and the snow, but because this is the time of year we celebrate the birth of Jesus. It gives us a chance to reflect on why he came and how he has shown us what the true meaning of love is. So while this season has begun to take a more materialistic outlook, I think we should all take one step back and see that Christmas really started over 2000 years ago in a stinky dirty stable where a baby was born to a common couple who had very little. His bed was a feeding trough and his blanket scraps of fabric. This baby was proclaimed to be the king of kings and yet the only ones who on that night came to adore him were mere shepherds. Why did the Son of God come in such a manner? Because God wanted us to see that he would go to any length for us. He was willing to humble himself to the frailest form, a newborn baby. His position in life was not that of a king but a carpenter. His closest friends were not nobility but tax collectors and fisher men. People who one day would praise him and the next day shout, "Crucify him". He died the worst death imaginable and took upon himself the sins of the world past, present and future. He was buried in someone else's tomb and everyone thought that was it, but he rose on the third day! And to think all this started with this tiny little baby, who was born to save the world. That to me is the reason for this season!

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