jeudi 9 d├ęcembre 2004

A couple of books to read*

*Sung to The Twelve Days of Christmas

Simply amazing that the semester is almost over! I have some papers left to feverishly finish before the end of this week and then I head into finals next week. After that, I get to finally take a break and read some books I've bought this year. Every couple of months, my school library has a used book sale and I find some of the best deals there. I think my greatest find to date has been getting Cultural Anthropology for a mere 50 cents. My friend got the companion book, Anthropological Insights for Missionaries, for 50 cents as well. If only all textbooks could be found at that price :)

I should be finished my second last paper within a couple of hours now. Then it's off to my last day of classes!

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