mercredi 17 novembre 2004

Would that I had the answers

- What do you write when someone calls your church soul-less and ugly?
- How do you respond when they don't think that you even love the same Jesus as they do because your church is different?
- What can you do when your church constantly gets picked on no matter how much it is doing?
- What would it take in order for other Christians to accept that yes, people in your church are Christians too and that they love the Lord?
- Why is it that when the world is needing love and food, etc., that Christians are concerned with things like church sizes?
- Why do some Christians feel that they are better than a body of Christ?
- Why can't people get past the building and see the people?
- How do you keep from getting angry that someone is criticizing and insulting the church family you love?
- Will there ever be a day when other Christians do not think you're an inferior Christian because of your church?

Gosh, there needs to be a new hobby other than attacking big churches. And people need to get off their high pedestals and see what's really going on, rather than making biased assumptions about what typical megachurches do. Just for the record, they're not all the same and they're not all evil corporations out to steal money from unsuspecting victims. For every (biblically faithful) church Christians attack, they are causing division within the body. Now if Jesus is all that He means to them, why are they condemning their fellow brothers and sisters?

(This is for every time a Christian has said hurtful and rude things about where I, along with a few other thousand people, worship the Lord Jesus Christ.)

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