lundi 8 novembre 2004

In the midst of pages

I've been blessed that Reading Break has been extended this year, although I have to say I've squandered a few days already. I was a bit more productive today though, catching up on all the Aristotle I was behind on. Needless to say, my brain's slightly fried right now. On top of that, I still have tons of Greek homework to do and it's hard to see the light at the end of that tunnel (but I've no doubt it'll come one day!).

I thought I'd post the following section from an article I read yesterday:

"...It is also a time of marvelous opportunity. The world is better known and more accessible than in any other generation which has ever lived. The need of the world is more articulate and intelligible than it has ever been, and the resources of the Church are far greater today, as well as her ability to enter these open doors, than has been the case in any preceding generation. It would seem that this would impose a great burden of responsibility upon our generation; greater than upon any other generation. You and I cannot excuse ourselves by doing what our fathers did. The world is smaller today to us than this country was to our fathers. We have the opportunity to do larger things, and we are going to be judged by our talents and the use of them. God forbid that we should lack vision in these days to take advantage of the tide that is rising to sweep multitudes into the all-embracing kingdom of Jesus Christ."

- Mott, John R. The Responsibility of the Young People for the Evangelization of the World. From Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader

Here's the kicker. This essay was written in 1901. What runs through my head is, "How much more will be required of this generation?"

[Listening to: O Happy Day - La Clef]

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