dimanche 28 novembre 2004

An exam and a pizza lunch

What a week! I had my school's Christmas Banquet on Friday night and the after-banquet party which climbed into Saturday. It was kind of strange to see so many people that I realized I've never met before. It's a small college but it's almost always over 50% first-year students who conglomerate together, becoming one large group of strangers. I know a few here and there, but it makes me feel like I hardly know anyone at school. Anyways, the banquet itself was better than the past few years, with a couple of funny SNL and Mad TV skits to round out the evening. There was a lot of crazy karaoke at the party afterwards and the singing competition was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

I'm off to start one of the last papers I have for this semester. I can almost taste Christmas (and Christmas break)!

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