samedi 16 octobre 2004

To the polls we go

There's a civic election coming up on Monday but it's one of the least advertised elections I can recall in recent years. Some people I've talked to barely know what's going on other than that October 18's the day, if that. Even I didn't know where I was supposed to go vote. My mom asked me last week, and we realized we didn't receive a polling station address like we usually do so I had to go on the internet to find out (What ward do I live in? Where do I vote?).

The media has been saying that voter apathy is huge this year, but I'm certain one of the reasons is because people are uninformed. I mean, I know more about Washington senators than I do my own alderman candidates. I attribute that to how often a political ad gets shown on American television, but even the local news doesn't have much municipal election coverage compared to the American presidential election. The funny thing is that channels are competing with each other about who will have the best election day coverage but you kind of need to know who to vote for in order for it to be relevant.

I've been trying to do some research on who I'll vote for, which I'll admit is pithy at most because it's limited to websites candidates have set up and the random news clip on Shaw, but here are some links that list who's running for what, as well as their contact information: Candidate List and Municipal Election. Even if the election ends up getting barely a 15% turnout, it's still going to affect the city (lightbulb moment). If we had an ounce of the enthusiasm from the Stanley Cup playoffs for this upcoming election, I don't think this city would look the same. Of course, that's wishful thinking.

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