samedi 2 octobre 2004

The odds are infinitesimal

This has to be the funniest Mikey's Funnies I've ever received, mostly because it's absolutely true for me!

You Know You're In A Large Urban Church When
A response to yesterday's Small Country Church Funny by Funnies reader Charlotte Riegel (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

- You have to ride a shuttle bus from the far end of the parking lot, or from an off-site overflow parking lot to get to the main building for a worship service.
- You stand in line waiting for the previous service to end and when it does, you feel as if you are swimming upstream.
- You have attended the same church, at the same time each weekend, for the past month and have not heard the same preacher twice.
- You wonder why there are hymn books in the pew rack that are never used. [powerpoint]
- Baptisms take place any time of the week in the atrium water feature. [waterfall]
- You can meet with a leader of the church in the atrium coffee shop.
- There is a 400-seat prayer chapel besides the 2000+ seat main sanctuary.
- You have to speak with a pastor through the appropriate administrative assistant after getting past a receptionist.
- The staff are required to wear picture ID tags.

Copyright 2004 Charlotte Riegel. Permission is granted to send this to others, but not for commercial purposes.

I wasn't exaggerating about it being true; this funnies is actually based on my church :)

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