vendredi 29 octobre 2004

It can't come soon enough

Before I write anything else, I am going to rant on one thing: I can't wait until the American presidential election is over. Campaigning should not last this long (look at the Canadians). That's not all. If you're American, please just go and vote. Although I am against voter apathy, that's not my motive for writing this. Rather, it's about why celebrities need to go around telling people to vote. That is a simple act that should be ingrained in you as a byproduct of living in a democratic nation. Why would you need Hollywood stars to inspire you to go and cast your vote? Also, I'm waiting for the mud-slinging commercials about opposing candidates to go away. It's caused me to watch a lot less American television which is great for studying, but it's ruined some of the shows I do watch.

Anyways, it's the middle of midterms for me right now. I ended up writing one of the worst tests I've ever had, but the good news is that everyone else in the class felt the same way. I think we're getting compensated for it quite well though thanks to our prof. I miss the days of scaling. I took a math honours class a while back and partway through, I lost any hope of doing well in the class. I had a discouraging teacher, horrible help during tutor sessions and no time to do three times the amount of homework assigned. I pretty much gave up and stopped doing any work, but because we were scaled I passed the class and aced it for someone who didn't even open the textbook. I'm not saying it was fair but I didn't mind it at all ;) On a related note, I'm thinking of taking a math class at the university. Not sure how it's going to work out but I will try to fit it into my schedule somehow.

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