vendredi 15 octobre 2004

Comeback kid

Time flies when you're not blogging.

Over the last few weeks, I've been able to keep up with most of my reading and stay on top of assignments. My extracurricular activities have doubled, which I'm hoping won't affect my schoolwork. Just in the span of a few weeks, I had four things added to my plate, on which there was already a ton of things. I knew I would be pretty busy starting the school year, but not to this point! But enough about me.

One of my favourite classes this semester is theology, and it ties in with everything else I'm taking. I didn't have any theology classes last year so it's really nice to get back into studying something other than general arts.

Of course, a common theme in the class is heresy and how much the early church had to combat it. In one of my readings, the author was talking about how widespread the heresy of Arianism was and how it had penetrated the church to the point that if it were not for one particular word (actually the lack of one little marking in that word) in the Nicene Creed, we could all be Arians due to the political influence that Roman emperors had. But praise God that at 325, the right word was put into the creed and that no orthodox Christian was willing to compromise on it.

This class makes me realize how fragile our faith is while at the same time being the strongest thing in the world, with its foundation built on the solid rock of Christ. I can also definitely see the amazing way God has preserved His truth throughout all time. By studying the nuances and details of Christianity's history, I have learned to appreciate how rooted it is in reality and human history and not to take its past for granted. I am truly awed at how God has actively been working in the lives of people who had a significant role to play in early Christianity, especially people like Athanasius and the Cappadocian fathers, who did everything they could to defend the truth of the Trinity and to teach orthodoxy.

Another class I'm taking is Greek, and it's been great translating some verses in the New Testament. The language and the class have not posed too many problems as of yet, but I hear it's going to get tougher when we hit verbs. I find it easier to pick up than French (due to the closed text and limited vocabulary) but I'm thankful I had some years of French to help me with Greek. English alone wouldn't have helped much because we don't learn things like the dative and genitive cases, or chart our verbs into different tenses with the six pronouns. (Side note: Bilingual brains are different).

Anyways, it's been a long week and it's going to get twice as busy next week, so I'll end this. Maybe Lissa will write some posts to make up for the lack of mine. This blog isn't dead; it's just catching up on much-needed rest. Make that the authors!

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