dimanche 12 septembre 2004

A to Z of busyness

Posts have been scarce lately because:
a) I am trying to kick my procrastination habit.
b) Meaning I've actually done some homework.
c) Ahead of time too!
d) But that won't be for long.
e) However, I'm getting much better at it.
f) I might just survive this semester!
g) Also, I'm juggling school and work now.
h) For the first time in four years.
i) But I'm not complaining since that's reality.
j) I'm also trying to give myself a Sabbath.
k) This used to be extremely hard.
l) Mainly because I worked at church on Sundays.
m) I've cut back on those commitments though.
n) All in all, I'm actually excited about this year.
o) I think with God's help, I won't fall behind.
p) I love that I'm getting to take some neat courses.
q) Such as philosophy, history, theology and Greek.
r) The last one will be challenging.
s) I'm ready for it.
t) Speaking on behalf of Lissa, she's busy too.
u) She is back at school and still working.
v) We'll try to write sometimes.
w) Just to keep this blog from going into oblivion.
x) Hey, I could have used the Greek alphabet here.
y) But I think I like the English alphabet more.
z) Thanks for reading all 26 sentences (if you did) :)

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