jeudi 2 septembre 2004

Mixed media

The last couple of days have been incredibly busy! I'm alternating between work and school and it's been a blur trying to finish one thing and getting ready for another all this week. My friend came back from Vancouver so we're going to go for lunch tomorrow at one of our favourite restaurants. I start school again next week, meaning everything should be back to normal soon :) Well, we'll see....

Tonight's the first chance I've had to watch any TV so I saw a bit of the World Cup of Hockey game between US and Russia earlier and right now, I'm watching Canadian Idol. Pretty funny thing - Canadians tend to vote mostly for whoever's from their province or the ones closest to it. Meaning Maritimers will usually vote for a Maritimer singer, and Albertans will, in this case, vote for Kalan Porter. Makes sense, but I wonder if in American Idol, people vote according to geographical location. But I stopped following that show in the first season when I knew Kelly would win after the first episode.

Go Canada Go!

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