dimanche 5 septembre 2004

Content being single

The sermon for today was about being content in singleness and marriage. Although it was directed at both it really addressed singleness and how being a single person is not a bad thing! I have found, in my own life lately, that a lot of my friends and co workers are either getting married or getting engaged, and with that comes the questions of "so when are you going to get married", and "don't worry you will meet your prince charming and you will know it when you see him." The pastor just warned married couples not to make such statements, as who know maybe some of us are meant to be single. I thought that was cool, because even if it is not intended, it does still hurts to think that someone doesn't believe you to be a whole person if you're not married. There are a lot of advantages to being single. Like, we don't have to worry about always pleasing a spouse and God, we can just focus on God. We don't have to worry about our family getting hurt or ill. But those things can be the disadvantages as well. But for now though I think I will be content in my singleness and not take it for granted.