lundi 9 août 2004

A wedding and some books

Still sick.. this is the fifth day I've missed work. Not too many interesting events this week, besides feasting on Fisherman's Friends and watching movies. My friends (the one we started a pool on at church) got married on Saturday, so I went to their wedding and reception. I had to muster up all the strength in my body to not cough during the ceremony or at least not be an utter distraction. It worked, but I nearly died. It was really nice to run into friends from school at the reception though.

I'm getting super excited about school - less than a month away! I've even bought textbooks for four of my courses already. Turns out that they are much cheaper if I buy them from Amazon or Chapters than from the college bookstore. I love the 30% discount for books over $25 deal :)

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